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Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Contractor and Developer Consultation and Representation.

Urban Renewal Projects

Real Estate Taxation Consulting

Combination Transactions

Purchase Groups

Rental and Lease Agreements

Mezzanine Financing Agreements

Residential Properties

Investment Consulting

Hunter Law Firm is one of Israel’s premier offices for legal real estate services. Our firm’s real estate department offers wide ranging experience and expertise representing our clients in complex and varied real estate projects, including representing contractors, private developers, purchase groups and financial corporations and, of course, in the representation of our private clients for all their real estate investments.                                Israel’s dynamic real estate sector is filled with opportunities for corporations, contractors, and private investors alike. 

At Hunter Law Firm we provide our clients with cutting-edge legal advice that allows them to execute their real estate activities in the best and most efficient manner possible given Israel’s unique real estate legal framework.

Our firm accompanies its clients from the stage of due diligence and acquisition, through the taxation procedures, receiving the right financing, the conclusion of agreements with various entities required (including consultants, contractors, and financial institutions), representation with respect to sale agreements to third parties and up to the final registration of the property.

The members of our real estate department are experienced in representing commercial companies and private entities in different sectors of real estate transactions, including residential property, commercial property, rentals, offices, and agricultural property.

Project Financing

The project financing department of Hunter Law Firm has rich experience in providing legal support to clients in the completion of financing transactions, and has, over the years, been involved with some of the most significant financing transactions in the Israeli economy.

The finance department in the office represents public companies, entrepreneurial companies,investment companies, purchasing groups and entrepreneurs on the one hand and leading financing bodies on the other hand, including foundations, non-banking entities and institutional entities.

A unique specialty of the firm is legal support for the granting of loans in significant amounts of hundreds and billions of shekels.

The firm has represented over 6,000 members of purchase groups in over 3,000 housing units and commercial and business real estate in dozens of different projects as well as representation of institutional financial entities for granting loans to finance projects in the billions of shekels.

Corporate Law

M&A Transactions

Private Placements

Private Equity

Interaction with Boards of Directors.

Corporate Formations of Companies and Partnerships.

The practice of corporate law requires experience, attentiveness, and a keen understanding of the global and Israeli business environments.

With its accomplished corporate law department and experienced staff, Hunter Law Firm helps its worldwide clientele achieve their business goals and effectively conduct their business. Hunter Law Firm offers a wide spectrum of corporate law services to our international and Israeli clients, who run the gamut from hi-tech to low-tech and large corporates to individual angel investors, all of whom can rely on our expertise, market knowledge and vision to receive advice as to best industry practices as well as a pragmatic approach coupled with creative solutions.

Urban Renewal

Urban renewal projects, such as “Pinuy-Binuy” (demolition and rebuilding) and National Outline Plan 38 (“Tama 38”) projects, involve the redevelopment and revitalization of existing urban areas. These projects aim to improve infrastructure, upgrade buildings, and enhance the quality of life for residents. Ongoing consultation and representation of entrepreneurs and apartment owners involved in these projects are crucial for ensuring their interests are protected and that the projects are implemented effectively.

“Pinuy-Binuy” projects refer to a process where old buildings are demolished and new ones are constructed in their place, often with additional floors or units. This type of project allows for densification and modernization of urban areas. It is important for entrepreneurs and apartment owners involved in these projects to have legal and financial representation to navigate the complex process of obtaining permits, securing funding, and negotiating contracts with developers or construction companies.

The firm’s experience, professionalism and high-quality staff enable successful dealing with the complex and complicated projects in the field of urban renewal.    

The firm’s legal capabilities in the field enable holistic support and advancement of the process even in places where there are disputes between the parties. In order to provide the holistic response that the firm is aiming for, the firm brings together  “key management” for each project that includes all the suppliers and professionals involved in the project such as an architect, appraiser and others and accompanies the project from the planning and logistical feasibility stage, through the actual execution to the stage of receiving the key.

Commercial Law

Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

Commercial Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

Bank Financing Agreements

Mezzanine Loan Financing Agreements

The experienced staff of our commercial department helps our worldwide clientele achieve their business goals and effectively conduct their business. Hunter Law Firm offers the full gamut of commercial law services to our international and Israeli clients, whether they are hi-tech or low-tech, large corporates with in-house legal departments or individual angel investors. All our clients have learned to rely on the legal and strategic advice the members of our commercial department are able to offer them as a result of the expertise, market knowledge and vision of our lawyers.

SaaS Agreements

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements

We hold  a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements. These agreements govern the provision of services through software delivered to users via the cloud, extending beyond the traditional model of software installation on the customer’s computers or servers.

We recognize the growing importance of SaaS solutions for both private and business needs, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support in this domain. Our team of experienced attorneys can assist you in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating SaaS agreements that align with your specific requirements and protect your rights and interests.

Whether you are a software provider seeking to establish robust licensing terms or a user seeking to secure the best possible service arrangement, we are well-equipped to guide you through the legal complexities of SaaS agreements. We strive to ensure that your SaaS agreements are fair, enforceable, and tailored to meet your unique needs, enabling you to leverage the power of cloud-based software services effectively.

Asset receivership

Hunter Law Firm specializes in managing assets under receivership, as mandated by the court. Our expertise extends to both real estate assets and corporate assets, with the goal of maximizing profits through the sale of these assets.

This involves various tasks such as assessing the value of the assets, developing a strategy for their sale, marketing the assets to potential buyers, negotiating transactions, and ultimately overseeing the sale process to ensure maximum profitability.

Private Client, Trust and Estates


Wills & Estate Planning

Probate and Inheritance Orders

Estate Management

Wealth management

Voluntary disclosures

The members of our private client, trusts and estates practice group take pride in maintaining long term relationships with our private clients and derive great satisfaction from seeing these relationships carry on from decade to decade and from generation to generation.

In this capacity we work closely with family members and act as their trusted advisors, helping them achieve their private and commercial goals in Israel and overseas.

Our goal is to help our international and Israeli clients achieve their wealth preservation and succession planning goals in the best and most efficient manner.

Given the extreme sensibility of family assets and resources we take special care to act with the outmost professionalism and care.

International Ventures

For companies looking to enter the Israeli market, Hunter Law Firm provides legal guidance and counseling and represents international companies throughout the entire process. This includes services such as establishing a company, drafting agreements and contracts, facilitating procurement processes, and establishing local connections. By offering these services, the firm aims to help companies navigate the legal landscape in Israel and ensure a smooth entry into the Israeli market.

Additionally, Hunter Law Firm also supports companies that are seeking to expand their operations internationally. Leveraging our connections with many law firms including counterpart’s members of ICF (International Lawyers Group), outside of Israel, the firm provides legal and economic guidance on various aspects related to penetrating foreign markets. This can include advising on international business law, negotiating contracts, and providing insights into market-specific regulations and practices.

Partnership Dissolution Claims

Partnership Dissolution lawsuits range from purchasers who wish to separate from a purchasing group, joint landowners who want to separate forces, dissolution of partnerships between companies, and more.

The firm accompanies its clients throughout the entire process from the stage of submitting the application, through the distribution of the property or assets of the partnership to the completion of the claim to the satisfaction of the client, while trying to avoid the intervention of the court and, if necessary, also provides representation in court.

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